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Usui Reiki ~Okuden


Our next course offering for Second degree will be held...


DECEMBER 3rd SUNDAY 11:30-5pm

Ready to progress to Practitioner level? Join us for this second degree certification (Completion of Reiki 1 is required.) In this course we dive deeper into the symbols, enhancing energy awareness, hands on practice, and receive additional energetic attunements. See full syllabus & Info below ! 




OKUDEN 2 day course includes...

Level 1 Review of Principles

Gassho, Reiji-Ho, Chiryo

Body & Energy Systems

Joshin Kokyu Ho+ Sound Medi

Self Care & Energy "Maintenance"

Ki enhancing Practices+Microcosmic Orbit
Introducing the Reiki Symbols

Drawing & Using the Symbols

Practice with each of the Symbols

Warrior Breath & Reiki Meditation

Animals; Techniques/Communication

Reiki with Groups, Goals & More

Enkaku Chiryo/Distance Reiki

How distance Reiki works

Distance Techniques + Possibilities

Reiki Across Time & Space; Future & Past

Reiki with Past Lives & Ancestral Healing

Koki-Ho, Gyoshi Ho, Jaki-Kiri Joka-Ho

Working with Clients with Integrity

Creating & Holding Space for Clients

Assisted Practice Sessions &

Student Reiki Exchange

Starting Your Reiki Practice

Level II Attunements

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 2.23.01 PM.jpeg

2nd degree certification 




Discounts offered: ​

Sign up with a friend and receive 10% off

If you did your Level 1 certification with us,

you will receive 10% off for Reiki 2 

(for our previous Shoden students , your total is $300 ! )

-1 discount max per student per course

If you have previous Reiki Certifications & wish to expand or refresh, let us know & we can discuss needs & discount!

Cancellation policy:

If you have registered and paid, but are unable to attend the training, you may use your payment to attend the next training (but must let us know in advance). 

Ready to confirm your space...

1) Text OR Email Kendyl or Carrie
Carrie : 808-258-2454

Kendyl : 808-358-1441 

2) wait for reply! (feel free to follow up)

3) use the link below to make your payment to  confirm your space !

4) Save this page. All info is here & updated for your upcoming course


5) Please reach out anytime for anything! 

 (see #1) 



Completion of any 1st degree Usui Reiki is required for this course. Please share details of your certification when enrolling!  


We will provide a pdf manual.

Please Print & Have ready for class.  ​


Suggested Reading: 

(not required but helpful book to go deeper into roots )

This is Reiki: .by Frank Arjava Petter 

Requested Practice: 

Regular meditation, self-care, and

a clean healthy diet leading up to the course.

(Please refrain from alcohol/substances at least 24hrs prior to course, preferable longer. )​


**See Your Email for full Review & Practice/attachments 
-Get to know Cho Ku Rei , the Power Symbol!

You are already attuned to the three main symbols.

Get started by working with this first symbol & "activator" 

-Establish a daily self treatment using techniques below. Take time for meditation & tuning into your listening language & clairsenses.

-Practice on others as well using all Techniques learned ( in the Review section below, also attachments )

-Create a "ritual " for your gassho & reiji ho, fine tune your language/intention/prayer .. make it your own!

prepare for 


8A2FD9E3-735A-4612-9F1A-BFFBFC0D7F40_L0_001-3_13_2023, 3_11_48 PM_edited.jpg

Prepare list for the day 


  • Reiki Manual

  •  a yoga mat & cushions

  • Pen and Notebook

  • Reusable water bottle

  • + Any extra comforts for a full day! *We will be seated on mats, suggest cushions blankets, anything to be cozy! Chairs available & welcome to bring a folding chair if prefer. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • *Herbal tea and healthy snacks will be provided, but please eat a nice breakfast &

  • BRING LUNCH ! (Fridge available)

  • There will be a short break for snacks /lunch

  • we will explore Reiki with tools ie:  sound, crystal grids.. feel free to bring any tools to play with 

  • Please let us know if you have any special requests or needs, so that we may assist !



Address: 68–677 Farrington Highway. 

It’s a WHITE ROUND house with a plumeria tree and brown wooden gate.

(Make sure GPS is not sending you to West Side.. and if GPS leads you to a turquoise house you are in the wrong place -keep driving farther towards Ka’ena point)


**Please park across the street on shoulder.

(Mauka side of Farrington) 

**Please aim arrive by 10:30am to settle in for a prompt 11am start ! 

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