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HI Lōkahi Creator & Facilitator 

Akashic Records Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master + Teacher

Breathwork Facilitator + Teacher

Nature Immersion Therapy

Integration Guidance + Support


Our well-being, that of our community & of our planet are symbiotic. It is this truth which inspired HI Lōkahi , a resource for conscious connection, exploration, healing & personal growth.A space to restore & remember your own true essence, authenticity & wisdom. 

Offering integrative services, classes, events, wellness retreats, as well as1-1 individual services, private group sessions for therapies such as Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki Healing, Akashic Records,Shamanic Journeywork, Nature Immersion Therapy, and more.

I work with these and other modalities to access soul level guidance and etheric healing. I am amazed at the transformation in energy and perspective these channels can provide, and the freedom they allow me as a practitioner to work in my own unique way. It is in this same spirit that I aim to work with you as a client, to support and empower you on your own individual journey & growth. Integrative Guidance /Coaching is also available for those seeking individualized assistance in self-healing & exploration.

I practice various methods & traditions, but above all aim to work intuitively and authentically. There are many paths to illumination, and our journeys should be as beautifully diverse as we are. It is my goal to assist at any level in your process, to offer guidance and encouragement toward realization of your own truth and potential.

I believe that we are each meant to reclaim our personal power, innate wisdom, and share our unique gifts. We are all intuitive connected beings, yet for so many reasons we have tuned out or “turned off” these abilities. I know that we can all clear the noise that keeps us from that magic. It just takes willingness to do the work, a curious mind, support from each other & Spirit... and a sense of humor. We often forget to play and enjoy our process.

The first step to understanding our own true nature, is to understand that we ARE nature. We are never separate from it no matter the illusions we have created around this. As we shift and grow, we will see this reflected in our lives and in our society. I hold our collective healing and that of our Earth as my constant inspiration.

Lōkahi HI strives to assist any seeking personal or community support for our mutual well-being. I look forward to connecting with you! Please check out my services, and feel free reach to connect & discuss your needs.
















A bit more about my own journey.. 

I have always felt most content in Nature. I grew up in the countryside of Virginia where the outdoors was both my playground and my church. I was fortunate in these formative years to establish a deep love of our Earth and her creatures, which profoundly continues to influence my life. 


Love of adventure and the ocean took me to Hawai’i in 2003 with only a suitcase and my old camera & I have felt this my home ever since.

At that time all I wanted was to play out my dream of island living, create art, and travel the world. And it seemed I was .. until I woke up years later to the truth that I was creatively blocked, frustrated with society and myself, and utterly confused about my purpose. I knew I was not honoring my potential, yet felt completely powerless to do anything about it. I realized I could not hope to make or see change in my world if I did not create a change in me.


This began a journey to understand myself more deeply. I began expanding my practice of Meditation and Yoga, exploring many esoteric traditions and healing modalities. I made a commitment to heal the aspects holding me back, the traumas, the conditioning and to rediscover that childhood trust and inner knowing. A journey to reclaim my power.


New experience and travel have always been my favorite teachers. I have been blessed to explore many lands, cultures, & traditions over the years. In 2015 I began travelling to the Peruvian Amazon to explore Shipibo Tradition & Plant Medicines. The experience and education was so powerful & I continued my work with plant and animal teachers. These explorations were a real catalyst to re-awaken and embrace my own intuitive gifts. This also prompted an even deeper dive into ancient wisdoms and holistic healing methods.  

I then began to train & work with Reiki Healing, The Akashic Records, Shamanic Practices, Breathwork and more. These and others have been such valuable tools toward rediscovery of my own innate wisdom, self-acceptance, creativity, and empowerment.

It has taken continuous effort to clear the imprints which distorted my intuition and sense of self over the years, and to my revitalize my relationship with Spirit... I continue to work at this every day!  It has been a beautiful, brutal, magical wild ride. The journey is never ending, but so are the rewards. I have learned so much, most importantly that I am worthy of patience, guidance, and love.

As we all are

As my has journey progressed I felt the call to share, assist & support others as well.  Like you, I continue to learn, discover and Remember. Holding the vision that we will collectively heal ourselves and our Planet & find Lōkahi. 


Lōkahi is the essence of unity, peacemaking, harmony, connection, and embracing diversity. Lōkahi is the platform upon which to communicate and illuminate healing and more importantly, to reunite that which has been broken back into unity, and awareness—in short, to renew a way of life. ~Maka'ala Yates 

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