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This Breathwork is a guided experience using a Conscious Connected Breath sequence. A powerful journey within. infused with music, gentle affirmation & meditation. With the power of the breath, we access elevated levels of consciousness & energetic awareness. 


In the session we are utilizing the power of the breath as a means to explore, restore, and heal on every level. The breath is the great connector of all dimensions of our being...Mental, Physical, Emotional & even Spiritual. To be truly content, all layers must be brought into balance. By working intentionally with the breath we are able to do this. 

We maintain conscious awareness of the breath and gently witness any thoughts, emotions, or sensations that arise throughout the process. The breathing is done in a circular connected rotation. In this case a 3-stage active breath...Inhale, Inhale, Exhale.. repeated, no pause, continuously. 

The technique hyper-oxygenates the body, a powerful process to elevate the mind, and clear energetic /emotional blocks stored in the body. By transcending the “the noise” with the breath we are able to experience our selves more fully, allowing deeper insight and creativity. The “work” in Breathwork is transitory. At a point you may feel as if you are being breathed by the breath, and the cycle flows with minimal effort. 


The process is done lying down. After about 30 minutes of activation breathing, we switch gears into relaxation breathing we enter into deep meditation and visualization. (In most sessions, Reiki Healing or other modalities are offered & infused into the meditation portion) Afterward there will be time after for integration, grounding & option to share.  


This Breathwork method is transformative on every level.  An activation & relaxation to tap into and witness your true power, your limitless potential. The process leaves you with a sense of lightness, clarity & peace.

This is a carefully held space where you will be fully assisted & supported... Free to feel, express, experience, and to let go. 

Our Breath is our greatest and often the most overlooked ally…it is not only transformative but available to us always. When we breathe more fully, we live more fully. By deepening this awareness, we enhance any practice ...but most importantly how we practice life. 


We have forgotten our own capacity to heal ourselves, our innate power and potential are waiting. Breathwork is a remembrance.


What happens? 

When breathing in this cycle for some time, the normal balance of oxygen and CO2 is altered in the body & the brain. The continuous breath carries us out of our linear analytical mind, and into a deep state of flow (theta), allowing heightened states of consciousness & energetic awareness.


We turn down the “critic” (the frontal mind that keeps us bound to fears, judgements, & doubts) and we tap into the more expansive, even dormant parts of the mind. Here we are able to access the limitless self. You may experience feelings of oneness, overwhelming feelings of peace and joy and even mystical revelation. 

As we expand the quality and quantity of breath, life force energy carried in on the breath is intensified and can move naturally into areas of the body most needing alignment and healing. This can begin to shift and clear stagnant energy, toxins, and emotional baggage. Breaking up tension and resistance stored as trauma in the body, allowing these energies to move, to rise to the surface.. 

Accessible to be fully acknowledged, felt, expressed, and then released or integrated. . Fully present, we are able to be at peace with all aspects of ourselves. Stresses and fears dissolve & resolve. 


The heightened awareness allows a deeper connection to self & ability to see your life from elevated perspective. The walls fall down & we are left with our true essence.. our creativity, our innate wisdom, our gifts, our pure potential. 

Is it safe? 

Yes! Breathwork is a safe & highly beneficial wellness practice. No experience necessary.. if you're breathing you can do breathwork! However, this particular method is a powerful breathing sequence which can create strong physical sensation , emotional release, and expanded conscious awareness so it is important to understand the precautions.  The process can be easily

adjusted to suit any needs or conditions, please just let me know before session that I may offer alternative methods. 



*This method is not suitable for those who are pregnant, have history of seizures, aneurism, severe psychiatric symptoms, or take heavy medication. If any of these apply you MAY join, but you MUST let the practitioner know before starting the experience as you will receive alternative breathing method, or you may be advised to simply relax, meditate & receive Reiki.

*Any other significant medical conditions, injuries or surgeries, cardiovascular problems, glaucoma, or osteoporosis, PLEASE also let the facilitator know so that the method may be adjusted if needed. Feel free to contact with any questions. 

*All minors must be accompanied by adult. 

*By participating you understand all info above & assume responsibility.

Added Benefits of Breathwork: 

              •            Increases oxygen intake & absorption throughout the body

              •            Re-vitalizes and fuels body cells improving energy levels

              •            Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation & detoxification

              •            Balances the flow of energy through the body

              •            Releases tension & promotes relaxation

              •            Strengthens respiratory and immune system

              •            Improves digestion and metabolism, thereby burning fat

              •            Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (AKA 'rest & digest')

              •            Slows down heart rate and lowers blood pressure

              •            Increases fitness and improves physical performance

              •            Improves well-being for many conditions & ailments: stress, asthma, headaches,  heart & digestive disorders, chronic pain, psychosomatic illnesses,  anaerobic diseases. etc. 

              •            Reduces worry & anxiety

              •            Increases resilience and self-awareness

              •            Enhances the awareness of self-sabotaging patterns

              •            Releases the neuropeptides that hold past traumas and limiting beliefs within the body

              •            Increases life enjoyment

              •            Relieves depressive & dense 'negative' emotions

              •            Increases serotonin, promoting mood & sleep

              •            Improves self-esteem

              •            Signals the brain to slow down

              •            Deepens meditation

              •            Expands awareness of who we really are

              •            Allows fuller expression of love & joy

              •            Strengthens our connection with spirit

              •            Fosters confidence & spiritual gifts

Prepare for your Session

  • Energywork & Breathwork are best on an empty stomach, refrain from food 1-2 hrs before ! 

  • SPACE: A quiet peaceful space where you will have privacy 

    • A comfortable place to lie flat such as yoga mat with blankets , or a bed/couch 

    • Blanket or light covering to feel cozy

    • Bolster for under knees 

    • Eye Mask to block out light & relax

    • WATER

    • Let anyone at home with you know that you will need quiet & privacy

    • Also suggest; Nice scents such as candle, oils, etc. , setting intention for session, having a pen/paper handy for journaling

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