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Usui Reiki ~Shoden 


Our next course offering will be..  

Sunday MAY 5th ~ 11-6

A full day immersion into the healing power of Reiki & how you can enhance your life with this amazing energy. Receive hands on instruction, practice & guidance from two Usui Reiki Master level Teachers, Carrie & Kendyl. We will explore Reiki & its many applications as a healing modality for expansion, self care & to share!




Welcome Ceremony 

Reiki & Chakra Meditation

Intro to Energywork;  What is Reiki ?  

How Reiki works & its Applications

Usui Reiki History/Lineage Review & Share

Joshin Kokyuu Ho Breath & Balance + Self Treatment 

3 Pillars: Gassho, Reiji Ho, Chiryo

 Joshin Kokyuu ho, Energetic hygiene & Cleansing 

Attunement process & Integration 

1-1 Attunements given

Mini-Sound Bath & Reiki Experience

Explore subtle Energies & Byosen

Facilitating Treatments for Self & Others

The Energy Body, Chakras, Aura, Anatomy for Reiki

Intuitive Sensory Awareness & Clairsense

 Reiki w tools: Sound, Tuning Forks, Crystals, etc 

Group Demos & Practice

 Closing Ceremony


1st degree certification 



Discounts offered:

Refer a friend to sign up and receive 10% off

Register now for Reiki 1 & 2 to receive 10% off both

(1 discount max per student per course)

Cancellation policy:

If you have registered and paid, but are unable to attend the training, you may use your payment to attend the next training (but must let us know in 48 hrs in advance). 


I am interested in REIKI 1 on FEB 5th

Ready to confirm your space..

1) fill out the Registration form if interested

OR text 808-258-2454

3) use the link below to make your payment to  confirm your space !

4) Save this page. Keep scrolling for all you need to know & to stay updated 


*No experience necessary for this Level1 course! 

But we encourage students who are new to working with energy,  to really begin to explore Energy Healing via podcast, books, videos etc.

Required Manual: 

We are sharing a manual pdf for students at no extra cost. We will email you the PDF once registered & paid. The pdf manualis included  w class fee PLEASE PRINT the pdf or have this manual ready to access in class on tablet etc .   


Suggested Reading (not required): 

Book: This is Reiki: .by Frank Arjava Petter

The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy 


Self Care: 

for best experience practice regular meditation

healthy diet & self-care leading up to the day. 

Please refrain from alcohol/substances at least  24hrs prior to course or longer. 

prepare for 



Prepare list for the day 


  • Reiki Manual (printed or on tablet) 

  •  a yoga mat & cushions

  • Pen and Notebook

  • Reusable water bottle

  • + Any extra comforts for a full day! 

  • *We will be seated on mats, suggest byo extra cushions blankets to be cozy! (Chair or couch also available for those who prefer.)

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • *Herbal tea and healthy snacks will be provided, but please eat a nice breakfast &

  • BRING LUNCH ! (Fridge available)

  • There will be a short break for snacks /lunch

  • we will explore Reiki with tools ie:  sound, crystal grids.. feel free to bring any tools to play with 

  • Please let us know if you have any special requests or needs, so that we may assist !

Join us for 


about us... 


Address: 68–677 Farrington Highway

Waialua, HI 96791

It’s a WHITE ROUND house with a plumeria tree and brown wooden gate.


(Make sure GPS does NOT send you to the West Side! Also if GPS leads you to a turquoise round house you are in the wrong place -just leep driving little further until you see white round house.


**Please park across the street on shoulder.

(Mauka side of Farrington) 

**Please aim arrive by 10:30am to settle in for a prompt 11am start ! 

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