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Vital Healing Circle & Fundraiser for Maui ʻOhana

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MAHALO to all who attended our Vital Living Gathering on 8/20 in Haleʻiwa. 

If you missed or want to revisit, you can still enjoy the gathering & 


anytime by accessing RECORDING  here !

(Reiki Share & Fundraiser portion are about 40min into recording)

Below are instructions & Maui ʻOhana support links to work with & share

When we gather with a collective commitment, this matters deeply, this ripples out.  

In addition to our Vital Living Gathering, we will also hold a healing space & fundraiser to support Maui ʻOhana affected by fires. 


Carrie & Kendyl will offer a guided Reiki process to balance our own system and to then share this healing energy to others, holding the highest vision for those impacted. And for the future of Hawaiʻi. 


Additionally we can Reiki our actions, to amplify impact  & align them to the highest outcome. Thanks to amazing Maui citizens working tirelessly, we now have DIRECT support links for the growing list of families in need to support (via venmo, gofundme, etc.)


Alongside the Reiki healing practice we encourage all to visit the links below prior to the session, choose a family you feel called to offer energetic & financial support. Have their name written and/or image ready.

We will infuse this into our Reiki practice.

Reiki can be translated as “Divinely guided Universal life force energy”.  When we tap into that universal current, purest Source energy, we can replenish ourselves anytime. We also each have the ability to flow & share that healing frequency with anyone, anywhere. It is not limited by ideas of time/space. 


The process is fully guided, all that is needed is an open mind & heart.



IG  : lahaina_ohana_venmo         PDF:  Directly Aid ʻOhana PDF

Go Fund Fams w Children : #Maui4Life

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If using or sharing QR codes . Take a pic or screenshot, go to pics & from there you can access. 

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