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Please watch info videos if you are new to these Breathwork sessions! 


HI Lōkahi aims to offer by donation as much as possible. Please donate what works for you at this time, simply make a note with the session date & Iwill reply with PW or LINK .

An offer of your appreciation allows me to make these sessions available to all by donation. MAHALO


Suggested donations: 

virtual live class  $11-22 

virtual recordings use unlimited for 30days $22-33

virtual recording use unlimited for 90 days $33-44 


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  • Breathwork is best on an empty stomach, refrain from food 1-2 hrs before

  • For best sound experience external speaker or headphones are suggested as music is played along with the guided session. 

  • A quiet peaceful space where you will have privacy 

  • A comfortable place to lie flat, yoga mat with blankets , bed or couch fine too.

  • Blanket or light covering to feel cozy

  • Bolster for under knees 

  • Eye Mask 

  • Water

  • Nice scent ..candle, oils, etc.  

  • Let anyone at home know so that you may have privacy

     Get Cozy

  • PLEASE READ. Health Precautions.

  • Breathwork is a safe & highly beneficial wellness practice. However, this method is a powerful breathing sequence which can create strong physical sensation, emotional release, and expanded awareness. 

  • This method is not suitable for those who are pregnant, have history of seizures, severe psychiatric symptoms, or take heavy medication. If any of these or other concerns apply you may still enjoy this experience but must let the practitioner know as you will receive alternative breathing method, or you may simply opt to relax, meditate & receive Reiki.

  • Any other significant medical conditions, injuries or surgeries, PLEASE also let the facilitator know so that the method may be adjusted if needed. Feel free to contact with any questions. 

  • All minors must be accompanied by adult. 

  • By participating you understand all info above & assume responsibility.


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