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A guided Breathwork Healing Activation, landing in Reiki Relaxation.

  • 1 h
  • starting$111~60min
  • $111 Online/Zoom * $122 In-person/Sunset Beach loc * +$20-50 Client loc. O'ahu

Service Description

The breath is the confluence between all of the dimensions of our being. Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual. Our breath is a powerful tool to access, explore a heal ourselves on every level. You will be gently guided through this conscious connected Breathwork process infused with music, affirmation, visualization, as well as Reiki Healing & somatic Meditation. It is highly sensory, transformative while empowering and restorative. Truly a journey with the breath. This breathing method activates the entire system & promotes healing on all levels. A powerful journey to move, express, transform stagnant energy & emotion stored in the body and to free trauma ready to release. It amplifies energetic & emotional awareness, expanded consciousness and assists to dissolve all forms of tension in the body. It also carries you into blissful & profound meditative space, allowing access to parts of the mind we do not normally get into, connecting you deeply to your innate wisdom and expansiveness. As well as the activation breathing method we also transition into relaxing breathing to down-regulate, entering a restorative healing space for deep meditation and integration. The final portion the session we land in a blissful space to rest and receive guided visualization, somatic meditation and Reiki Healing. Include a friend or partner for just $44 additional or check out the group session offerings !

Contact Details


exact location given at booking Sunset Beach Parking, Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa, HI, USA

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