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Channeled healing & guidance w your Akashic Records integrated w Breathwork Journey

  • 1 h 30 min
  • $155~90min
  • $155 In-person/My loc/Haleiwa * +$20-50 to travel to client loc. O'ahu

Service Description

Carrie is an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner & Breathwork Facilitator. By accessing your Akashic Soul Record, Carrie is able to channel loving insight and guidance from this high vibrational realm to better assist the powerful breathing process to clear & heal on all levels. Carrie is clairsentient & clairvoyant so information from the Records is also expressed to her in clear feeling & vision illuminating areas of the body where imprints of past experiences are held, as well as the how energy is flowing in the body, the chakras and field. With this channel open she is able to guide you through a transformative Breathwork Experience to assist the release of stored emotions and trauma, limiting mindsets, and to assist energy flow in any areas of blockage. The Breath process assists the client to enhance perception & expand consciousness so that they too, become an active participant in the healing process. Utilizing their own life-force, inner compass and higher intelligence in collaboration with healing and guidance from the Akashic Records, this is incredibly illuminating, transformative and empowering Journey. Feel free to reach out to Carrie with any questions about this Akashic Records and Breathwork Journey. * The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness containing a vibrational record of ALL that is... here we also find the record or "imprint" of every unique souls journey over the course of its existence — as well as all future possibilities. Just sitting in the energy is incredibly uplifting and healing. All information and guidance that comes though is of the highest integrity, offering soul level support and expanded perspective for your greatest potential in this life journey. * The breath is the confluence between all of the dimensions of our being. This Breathwork method oxygenates the system, and is activating and healing on all levels, assisting release of tension and emotion/trauma in the body. The method propels you into blissful & profound meditative space, allowing access to parts of the mind we do not normally get into, connecting you deeply to your innate wisdom and expansiveness. The process is guided and assisted by Carrie in a carefully held high integrity & loving space.

Contact Details


exact location given at booking Sunset Beach Parking, Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa, HI, USA

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