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Prepare for your Session

  • Energywork & Breathwork are best on an empty stomach, refrain from food 1-2 hrs before

  • SOUND: For best experience please use an external speaker or headphones to hear guidance clearly ( soft music is often played along with the guided session)

  • SPACE: A quiet peaceful space where you will have privacy 

    • A comfortable place to lie flat such as yoga mat with blankets , or a bed/couch 

    • Blanket or light covering to feel cozy

    • Bolster for under knees 

    • Eye Mask to block out light & relax

    • WATER

    • Let anyone at home with you know that you will need quiet & privacy

    • Also suggest; Nice scents such as candle, oils, etc. , setting intention for session, having a pen/paper handy for journaling

PLease read all below for your best possible experience!

Looking forward to connect wirh you !  ~Carrie 

Relaxing Candles
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